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Michel van Doorn, P. ENG.

Mr. van Doorn started his career by carrying out several mechanical design projects, including test stands for gas turbines, embedded systems for cargo planes, and other equipment, and designing equipment for the manufacturing industry.

Mr. van Doorn has, over the years, gained extensive experience in managing, developing and improving productivity in an industrial environment. As Director of Operations and Production for a multinational company, he was instrumental in successfully increasing the production rate while, at the same time, reducing the number of occupational health and safety accidents. He was also actively involved in managing the Engineering Department, implementing a quality assurance system, improving relations with trade-union members, supervising the Maintenance Department personnel and budget, overseeing management of technical design projects and training personnel.

As President of LDV Consultants, Mr. van Doorn provides technical support based on his broad experience while implementing the systems needed to ensure the sustainability and further development of the company.

Daniel Després, P. ENG.

Mr. Després has worked since 1990 in mechanical engineering. He is renowned for providing clients with high quality services in detail engineering, case studies and project management. As Vice-President of LDV Consultants, Mr. Després has, over recent years, acted as Customer Accounts Manager and Project Director for numerous key projects in various industrial sectors, such as manufacturing, energy, transportation and others.

With a wealth of experience behind him, Mr. Després services are very much in demand in various fields of engineering, including structural analysis, design and analysis of power generation equipment, design of special tooling and instrumentation, management of major projects, etc. Mr. Després provides his expertise to major clients, namely GE Renewable Energy (design of alternator turbines) and Bombardier Transport (structural design and analysis).