Industrial Engineering Projects

Industrial engineering projects


Greenhouses - Building Services


Client : Confidential

Location : Quebec

Year : 2020

Our client is a company investing in natural resources and renewable energy in Northern Quebec.

As part of its operations, our client acquired a power cogeneration plant to use its thermal waste to heat new greenhouses to produce fruit and vegetables. To carry out this project, the client mandated LDV Consultants to perform various mechanical engineering and building services tasks, such as:

  • Provide engineering and drawings of the plumbing and connection to municipal facilities (domestic wastewater, sanitary system, stormwater system, and ventilation);
  • Conduct a study on the installation of an oil tank in accordance with industry standards;
  • Review the mechanical room layout;
  • Review the steam piping drawings and procurement specifications;
  • Review the seismic requirements outlined in the RBQ, CSA, ASME, and NBC standards;
  • Provide engineering of various equipment;
  • Provide oil piping engineering;
  • Provide piping and a CO2 tank engineering;
  • Draft the compressor procurement specifications and produce the compressed air piping system drawings;
  • Provide general layout engineering and drawings;
  • Review the hot water piping system drawings and engineering (system safety).

EPCM for Agents to be Added to the Paper Pulp Process


Client : Confidential

Location : Témiscamingue

Year : 2020

Our client is a world leader in developing innovative processes for the pulp and paper industry to optimize manufacturing processes. When manufacturing papermaking pulp, our customer's minerals are used to control stickies and improve bleaching. Environmentally-friendly, this solution provides the desired chemical composition, whiteness, and viscosity and helps optimize production quality and efficiency. This new process will be integrated into the pulp and paper production of a paper mill in Témiscamingue.

As part of this project, the client mandated LDV Consultants to carry out the project's EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management). Below is a list of the tasks performed:

  • Oversee multidisciplinary project management and coordination;
  • Obtain the certificate of authorization;
  • Evaluate costs (±10%) and outline the project schedule;
  • Perform an on-site survey;
  • Provide civil/structural/architectural engineering;
  • Provide electrical engineering/instrumentation, and control;
  • Select the equipment and perform equipment modeling;
  • Provide a layout of the piping routing and isometrics;
  • Provide the HVAC engineering (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Control)
  • Provide fire protection engineering;
  • Draft the specifications and coordinate equipment procurement;
  • Prepare and manage the contract with the general contractor;
  • Draft installation specifications and oversee on-site installation.
Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec

New Distillation Line

Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec

Client : Diageo

Location : Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec

Year : 2018

Diageo is a global leader in beverage alcohol with an outstanding collection of more than 200 brands across spirits, beer and wine categories sold in more than 180 countries in the world. To increase production at its Salaberry-de-Valleyfield plant and meet the increasing demand for locally produced beverage alcohol, Diageo decided to add a new distillation line.  As part of the mandate, LDV Consultants carried out the following:

  • Check, review and provide equipment modeling;
  • Design piping routing;
  • Analyze critical piping;
  • Provide piping isometrics;
  • Coordinate work of the various disciplines with the client and suppliers;
  • Design and conduct follow-up on the manufacturing of the alcohol and caustic solution tanks;
  • Provide support during installation;
  • Draw up technical specifications (piping, insulation, support, etc.);
  • Draw up procurement specifications and provide support during procurement;
  • Write the installation specifications;
  • Take measurements in the plant;
  • Specify connection points (position, temperature, pressure and flow);
  • Describe existing pumps;
  • Provide detailed engineering for the CIP (Clean In Place) system;
  • Select process components.

Test Cell Analysis


Client : Confidential

Location : Confidential

Year : 2016

During the development phase of a new turbine, a manufacturer mandated LDV Consultants to confirm that their existing test cell could take on the loads of the new turbine. LDV Consultants hence conducted a finite element analysis on this test cell.

As part of the mandate, LDV Consultants carried out the following:

  • Adjust the 3D geometry to conduct the analysis;
  • Conduct a mechanical analysis on the test cell during in-service turbine loading;
  • Conduct a mechanical analysis of the test cell during accidental turbine loading;
  • Conduct a modal analysis of the test cell – turbine assembly.

Further to the analysis, LDV Consultants was able to propose the minor changes required to adjust the existing test cell to the new engine.


Drawings with Isometrics Views of the Piping for a Heavy Oil Processing Platform


Client : Fractal Systems

Location : Alberta

Year : 2016

Fractal Systems is in the business of processing and upgrading hydrocarbons. During the past few years, the company has developed a new technology that it has tested in a pilot plant in Alberta. Owing to the tried-and-tested technology, Fractal Systems wanted to increase the production capacity of the pilot plant. It therefore mandated LDV Consultants to provide assistance in support of this initiative.

The pilot plant was mainly equipped with pressure vessels installed on modular platforms. Fractal Systems wanted to add two additional modular platforms, which would also mean designing the piping between the pressure vessels.

As part of the mandate, LDV Consultants carried out the following:

  • Produce a 3D model of the pressure vessels using SolidWorks;
  • Import all components into Plant 3D;
  • Produce a 3D model of all the equipment piping on Plant 3D;
  • Produce drawings with isometrics views of the piping;
  • Prepare a general layout of the plant;
  • Design the various piping supports and equipment.

Biomass Boiler Piping Project

Ste-Julie, Quebec

Client : C-nergie

Location : Ste-Julie, Quebec

Year : 2016


C-nergie, a business established in 2006, specializes in energetic efficiency. By performing electrical consumption and energetic cost studies, C-nergie provides long-term solutions to reduce their clients’ energy consumption.

C-nergie mandated LDV Consultants to produce a P&ID and the piping arrangement for the building containing the biomass boiler, which supplies steam for Leahy Orchards.

As part of the mandate, LDV Consultants carried out the following:

  • Produce two P&ID;
  • Design four piping specifications (1 steam, 1 water, 1 washing water (stainless steel) and 1 glycol);
  • Produce the heat trace cable specifications and calculations;
  • Produce a 3D model of the main equipment;
  • Adapt the building with the equipment modeled as per the layout provided;
  •  Provide 3D routing of piping and connexion lines of the new and old plants;
  • Produce the design and structural drawings of ten (10) supports for small equipment;
  • Calculate the line head losses to validate the pump preselection;
  • Produce the isometric drawings (Isogen);
  • Produce the general layout drawings with notes and specifications (specifications on drawings);  
  • Produce the final drawings.


Ste-Julie, Quebec