Mining and metals engineering projects

Mining and metals engineering projects

Nalunaq, Groenland

Design the Mining Site Camp

Nalunaq, Groenland

Client : AEX Gold

Location : Nalunaq, Groenland

Year : 2020

AEX Gold is a mining company founded in 2017, specializing in mining gold deposits in Greenland. The Company currently holds seven licenses in South Greenland, covering a total area of 3,356 km2. It is the company with the largest footprint and licensing portfolio in Greenland.

AEX Gold plans to begin mining operations in 2021 at the Nalunaq site, where it aims to complete the full gold mining cycle. For the infrastructures of its future camp, it mandated LDV to coordinate the various technical trades to perform the following tasks:

  • Provide civil and mechanical engineering;
  • Design the fire protection system;
  • Oversee water management (drinking water and wastewater);
  • Oversee oil management (new and used).

Thermal-Mechanical Analysis of a Converter

Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec

Client : Norda Stelo

Location : Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec

Year : 2016

Norda Stelo is a consulting firm specialized in all engineering disciplines. As part of this project, Norda Stelo wanted to check the integrity of the converter’s structure because it had sustained permanent deformation while in service.

A first thermal-mechanical analysis was conducted to understand the reason why the external part of the roof was buckling. 3D modelling of the insulation helped to reveal the type of buckling and to make recommendations in order to prevent it from happening.

Thereafter, a second thermal-mechanical analysis was conducted to quantify the impact that the lack of insulation may have during equipment refitting.

Some critical zones were identified and these were the zones where it was impossible to replace the insulation already installed. It was however possible to replace much of the insulation in the equipment while maintaining equipment operation.

LDV Consultants made its recommendations regarding the possibility of maintaining the integrity of the client’s equipment and presented its guidelines as to the refurbishing procedure from a thermal-mechanical point of view.

Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec
Opinaca, Quebec

Analysis of Tank Supports

Opinaca, Quebec

Client : Orica Canada Inc.

Location : Opinaca, Quebec

Year : 2016

Orica Canada is the world's largest provider of commercial explosives and innovative blasting systems to meet the needs of the mining, quarrying, oil and gas and construction markets.

Orica Canada contacted LDV Consultants because one of its mobile tanks was sustaining recurrent damages always on the same spot. This tank was at times moved by a special truck designed by Orica Canada and then left on the same spot for several days. Orica Canada mandated LDV Consultants to find the source of the problem and recommend solutions to resolve the problem.

As part of its mandate, LDV Consultants carried out the following:

  • Evaluate the worst load case (being moved or static);
  • Conduct a numerical analysis on the tank;
  • Validate through numerical simulation the resistance of the tank support;
  • Assess several solutions that could solve the problem;
  • Produce the detail drawings needed to manufacture the winning solution.

Owing to its expertise, LDV Consultants was able to identify the actual source of the problem and propose to the client minor changes to be made to the tank without having to incur significant costs.


Bedford, Quebec

Client : Graymont

Location : Bedford, Quebec

Year : 2015

A global leader in the supply of lime and limestone products, Graymont serves major markets throughout the United States and Canada and has extended its reach into the Asia-Pacific region.

For its lime plant in Bedford, Graymont called on LDV Consultants to provide technical support for various projects. 

As part of the mandate, LDV carried out the following:

  • Install a blower and air knife system to clean the belts;
  • Replace an end-of-life-cycle screen around which a building had been built;
  • Replace a damaged conveyor frame without removing the conveyor;
  • Design a walkway in the preheater frame to facilitate access to the equipment;
  • Plan a shutdown of the crushing department at the Bedford plant;
  • Review and validate the design of a screw conveyor;       
  • Validate a reducing gear installed on a conveyor;
  • Replace a chute.


Bedford, Quebec
Watkins, Colorado

Design of a Cap Press

Watkins, Colorado

Client : Orica USA

Location : Watkins, Colorado

Year : 2015

Orica, an Australian company, is the world's largest provider of commercial explosives and innovative blasting systems to the mining and infrastructure markets. Orica is world leading supplier of ground support solutions in mining and tunnelling as well as a leading supplier of sodium cyanide for gold extraction.

Orica mandated LDV Consultants to design a semi-automated press for a laser cap impeller in accordance with the client's specifications.

As part of the mandate, LDV Consultants carried out the following:

  • Design the press;
  • Produce the manufacturing drawings;
  • Produce the installation drawings;
  • Program the PLC.

At the end of the mandate, the following deliverables were provided to the client:

  • Operational design of the semi-automated press;
  • Complete set of engineering drawings;
  • Operations manual;
  • Maintenance manual including a parts list and the product data sheets.

Design of an access bridge to a crusher pit

Northland, Sweden

Client : Metso Minerals Canada Inc.

Location : Northland, Sweden

Year : 2014

Metso Minerals Canada is a manufacturer of mining production equipment. Metso carried out a mining project in the north of Sweden for which it required assistance services for the design of auxiliary accessories for their equipment.

One of these accessories is a removable staircase allowing access to the pit of a gyratory crusher for maintenance. This staircase should be able to be removed in two parts, because the overhead crane allowing its installation is limited in height. In addition, it had to adapt to the bottom of the pit, which was not united due to the accumulation of rocks remaining after the stop. The vertical concrete wall could not be used to anchor the structure.

LDV Consultants was responsible for carrying out the following activities:

  • Design according to European standards;
  • Structure calculations;
  • Development plan.
Northland, Sweden
Schefferville, Quebec

Isometrics for Construction

Schefferville, Quebec

Client : Sunny Corner Enterprises Inc.

Location : Schefferville, Quebec

Year : 2014

Sunny Corner Enterprises was mandated by Tata Steel to fabricate and install the process piping for the DSO Timmins project located in Labrador near Schefferville. Since LDV Consultants had completed the 3D design and modeling of the piping for them, Tata Steel recommended LDV to Sunny Corner Enterprises to complete the following engineering tasks :

  • Provide load cases for all supports and anchorages for the design of secondary steel;
  • Insert every support for all steel piping over 4’’ in diameter in the 3D model;
  • Generate « For construction » isometrics of all piping over 4’’ in diameter. 

Preliminary Detail Engineering of a Ventilation System for the Nickel Concentrator

EXPO Mine, Quebec (Nunavik)

Client : Canadian Royalties Inc.

Location : EXPO Mine, Quebec (Nunavik)

Year : 2013

Canadian Royalties is a mining company that operated a nickel and copper mine in Nunavik. 

Several contaminants were airborne in the concentrator due to inadequate ventilation. Canadian Royalties mandated LDV Consultants to provide technical support to its engineering team to fix the problem.  

In phase 1 of the mandate, LDV Consultants carried out the following:

  • Validate the technical solution proposed by a contractor and identify the critical zones; 
  • Prioritize the work and set a preliminary schedule; 
  • Analyze the impact of the changes to the ventilation on the glycol and electrical systems;
  • Produce a preliminary layout.

In phase 2 of the mandate, LDV Consultants carried out the detail engineering, namely:

  • Perform calculations for the fans, glycol pumps, electrical system capacity, piping supports and concrete foundations; 
  • Specify the equipment to be purchased;
  • Design the P&ID for the ventilation and glycol systems;
  • Supply the installation drawings for the fans, pumps and electrical connections;
  • Provide the isometric drawings.
EXPO Mine, Quebec (Nunavik)
Lac Bloom, Quebec

Tanks and Calcium Chloride System

Lac Bloom, Quebec

Client : Cliffs Natural Resources

Location : Lac Bloom, Quebec

Year : 2011

Cliffs Natural Resources - Bloom Lake is a mining company operating an iron ore concentrator at Bloom Lake, a few kilometers west of Fermont. To overcome the freezing of iron ore concentrate in railcars, Cliffs Natural Resources wanted to develop and install an automatic calcium chloride spray system, which would prevent freezing without having to heat the railcars while unloading during winter.

To achieve this objective, Cliffs Natural Resources mandated LDV Consultants to design and support the installation of this system.

Therefore, for this project, LDV Consultants designed the tanks and spray arms, was involved in the selection of the pumps and piping, electrical parts, control methods and instrumentation, and produced detailed drawings and specifications for the installation. In addition, LDV Consultants was mandated to provide technical support for the tendering and construction phases.

Technical Assistance for the Bloom Lake Expansion Project

Bloom Lake, Quebec

Client : Cliffs Natural Resources

Location : Bloom Lake, Quebec

Year : 2011

Cliffs Natural Resources ? Bloom Lake is a mining company operating an iron ore concentrator at Bloom Lake, a few kilometers from Fermont. As the expansion project and construction were underway, Cliffs Natural Resources asked LDV Consultants to provide an engineer to join the owner’s team.

During the engineering phase, LDV Consultants’ engineer was responsible for the following:

  • Plan the plant layout;
  • Oversee all mechanical designs, chutes, pump boxes, etc.;
  • Oversee piping routing and design;
  • Ensure coordination between engineering and manufacturing of the mechanical equipment and/or components and piping;
  • Review the engineering documents;
  •  Review the manufacturers’ documents. 
Bloom Lake, Quebec
Atikokan, Ontario

Feasibility study

Atikokan, Ontario

Client : Osisko Hammond Reef Gold

Location : Atikokan, Ontario

Year : 2011

The Hammond Reef Gold reserve is located approximately 170 km west of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Osisko, owner of the property and mining rights, mandated LDV Consultants to build a 3D model of their concentrator and other facilities, produce instrumentation drawings (P&ID), design the structure and concrete of the main buildings and assist with different tasks related to the feasibility study.

LDV designed the plant using SolidWorks. Integration of various disciplines (such as mechanical, civil, electrical and piping) was carried out using Naviswork. Cross-sectional and elevation drawings of the plant were also produced to complete this feasibility report. The process diagrams and equipment list were updated by LDV, in accordance with the general layout of the plant.

In this project, several layouts and configurations were analyzed in order to minimize the floor space requirements, thus reducing the quantity and cost of the structure and concrete, while providing access to the equipment and optimizing the process flow. The instrumentation diagrams were optimized from original diagrams produced for the Malartic site, also owned by Osisko.

Spiral Test Bench

Bloom Lake, Quebec

Client : Cliffs Natural Resources

Location : Bloom Lake, Quebec

Year : 2010

Cliffs Natural Resources - Bloom Lake is a mining company exploiting an iron ore deposit near Bloom Lake, a few kilometers from Fermont. Cliffs Natural Resources integrated, into its concentrator, a new test bench for spirals in order to test the effectiveness of different spiral models available on the market.

To achieve this objective, Cliffs Natural Resources mandated LDV Consultants to perform the engineering for the integration of the new spirals with those already in place. Furthermore LDV Consultants was mandated to provide on-site technical support during the installation.

For this project, LDV Consultants performed the structural drawings for the new spirals, the modification diagrams for the washing water piping, the drawings for the general equipment layout and prepared the specifications for the installation.

Bloom Lake, Quebec