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Mechanical and electrical engineering, simulation and automation

Our company provides engineering, industrial design and engineering project management services

LDV offers mechanical engineering services

The very name of LDV is reminiscent of Leonardo da Vinci, a great engineer and designer in his time who was not afraid to think outside the box and imagine new solutions to real problems in many spheres of human activity.

Drawing on this great example of creativity and imagination, LDV is intent on being a company that actively strives to achieve its customer's objectives and bring their projects to fruition. To do so, LDV is set on building an environment conducive to partnership and simplicity, both in its way of doing business and developing solutions with its employees, associates and partners.

LDV is an engineering firm with a team of talented people renowned for being experts in their field of activity. The company provides case studies, advanced design and implementation services for various industrial projects.

To carry out its projects, LDV relies on state-of-the-art software for design, 3D modeling, 3D printing, computer simulation and automation.

LDV offers its customers tailored and optimized solutions, ranging from technical advice to turnkey manufacturing projects carried out in cooperation with its partners.

LDV provides leading-edge services in strategic niches as well as services related to the entire field of engineering.

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Our Engineering Services

Mechanical design engineering service

Mechanical Design

LDV is a natural and efficient complement to your engineering. Its team of engineers and designers bring many years of experience in products designed for various industry markets.

Our team, supported by quality partners, allow us to adapt our services to your needs and requests, from the initial concept to commissioning or production, to retail drawings, manufacturing, and installation. We leave it up to you to decide the extent of our involvement in your projects.

Whether it is in the design of products, equipment, platforms, piping networks, or in plant layout, LDV will take your project to the next level, by providing original and innovative solutions, while allowing you to meet your deadlines.

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Engineering and numerical simulation

Computer Simulation and Finite
Element Analysis (FEA)

LDV has a team dedicated exclusively to advanced computer simulation. Using state-of-the-art software, our team will be able to give answers to your problems, both through structural analyses (linear and non-linear, static, fatigue, etc.), fluid mechanics, and thermal or thermo-mechanical analysis. The experience gained over the years allows our highly qualified staff to perform complex analyses on high-capacity computers, with a high degree of accuracy and in a short period of time.

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Engineering and electrical distribution engineering

Electrical Engineering

The LDV team will be able to help you with your electrical engineering needs; our experience in high voltage equipment, arc flash studies, single-line diagrams, etc., allows you to have access to extensive expertise.

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Engineering and automation engineering


LDV has in place a team known for their diversified experience, practical approach, and attention to details that ultimately contribute to the success of process mechanization or automation. Regardless of whether it pertains to developing, improving or modifying equipment, our team will be there to understand your current process and your improvement objectives..

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Project management in engineering

Project Management

LDV's experts in project management can assist you in identifying priorities, planning the project and resources required, all with the goal of delivering your project on time and within your budget.

LDV's Values: Simplicity, flexibility, rigor and commitment are mainly reflected in the implementation of your projects. Working with LDV means working with a team that stands up for you and fully supports your goals.

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A Team of Engineers Dedicated To Your Solutions
A Team of Engineers Dedicated To Your Solutions

A Team of Engineers Dedicated To Your Solutions

LDV is a fast growing company that offers engineering services to the energy, transportation, manufacturing and hi-tech sectors.

Our team is staffed with people who are talented, passionate about their work and have a desire to take up new challenges.

Joining this young and dynamic team comprising members of all ages who have fun working together can only be inspiring.

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