Ethics and Compliance

Ethics and Compliance LDV Advanced Engineering

Mission and Code of Ethics

LDV CONSULTANTS Inc. mission is to provide high quality professional services to its clients as well as a flexible and stimulating work environment to its employees, and to become the engineering firm of tomorrow with the desire to excel through "innovative engineering". To carry out its mission, LDV has implemented a Business Ethics and Compliance Code that regulates the commitment of its employees and partners.

LDV does business by acting honestly and ethically, and continually strives to improve the quality of its services and management system to uphold its reputation based on equity, respect, responsibility, integrity, trust and good business acumen. LDV shall not tolerate any illegal or unethical conduct by its officers, employees or partners, and regardless of the reason, shall never cut corners when it comes to its principles. LDV's moral integrity is the sum of the moral integrity of all the men and women who work for the company. LDV therefore expects complete compliance to its standards of moral integrity from all its officers, employees and partners.

LDV's officers, employees and partners shall not, under any circumstances, put their own personal interests ahead of those of LDV, its subsidiaries or its clients. All officers, employees and partners shall respect the commitments that LDV makes for any transaction with any person or entity with whom it has a relation. LDV's officers, employees and partners shall not use LDV's contacts to promote their business or personal interests at the expense of LDV, its clients or its subsidiaries.

No direct or indirect advantage shall be granted to a person or company who might be promoted to prefer or favor LDV's activities. LDV's officers, employees and partners shall not resort to donations, tips, incidental expenses, bonuses or other direct or indirect advantage to favor LDV's activities.

Given that they have access to personal, commercial, technological or industrial information that is extremely important ("confidential information"), LDV's officers, employees and partners shall take special measures to protect all "confidential information". "Confidential information", as it relates to the Company, its subsidiaries, its clients or others, includes, without limitation and among other things, business plans, operating results, marketing strategies, customer lists, personal data, potential acquisitions, ongoing expenditures, new investments, production costs, processes, methods, etc. All "confidential information" and commercially important information pertaining to LDV, individuals and entities shall be treated with extreme care and shall not be disclosed without obtaining prior express written permission from LDV's officers.

LDV's officers, employees and partners shall report all information accurately and honestly as required by the applicable laws and codes pertaining to investigations, financial audits, professional inspections, etc.

LDV's officers, employees and partners shall agree to report to LDV's management or external professional consultants, who may be appointed from time to time, and agree to keep all information confidential, any unethical, dishonest, fraudulent or illegal behaviour, or any violation of LDV's policies and procedures, who in turn, shall take this into account with no reprisal against individuals who report such misconduct.

LDV's officers, employees and partners shall maintain a well-balanced lifestyle to ensure that their private life does not prevent them from providing quality products and services to LDV and its clients.

Any violation of this Code of ethics may lead to disciplinary measures, up to and including termination of the contract of employment. The severity of the disciplinary measure depends in part on whether or not the information was disclosed or the violation of the Code of ethics was committed voluntarily or not, and on the offender's willingness or lack of willingness to cooperate during the investigation.