Energy Projects

Energy Projects

Gatineau, Quebec

Bear Swamp rehabilitation

Gatineau, Quebec

Client : Brookfield Renewable

Location : Gatineau, Quebec

Year : 2019

Brookefield Renewable, is a world leader in alternative asset management. They are also one of the world's largest investors in renewable energy. They have assets located around the world which include a diverse technology base.

To monitor the Bear Swamp rehabilitation project, Brookefield Renewable mandated LDV Consultants during the design, manufacturing and implementation site phases to deliver the following engineering services:

  • Review of all technical documents issued by the manufacturers to validate conformance with the contractual requirements but also according to the industry’s best practices
  • Participate in design reviews as a Brookfield technical representative to review the proposed design, to identify potential design pitfalls or limitations
  • Review the technical aspects of the derogations, NCR and extra work occurring during the manufacturing process (and later during the site phase)
  • Review the manufacturing shops ITP to propose witness points
  • Act as the technical and quality representative of Brookfield for witness point during the manufacturing process.


Engineering assessment of Wells Damn Hydroelectric Project

North America

Client : Toshiba America Energy Systems Corporation

Location : North America

Year : 2017

Toshiba America Energy Systems Corporation is a leader in the high-technology industry of engineering and construction that provides customer service for all energy platforms (hydro, nuclear, thermal…) like turbine sales, repairs, etc. Toshiba American Energy Systems mandated LDV Consultants to carry out the initial engineering assessment of Wells Dam Hydroelectric Project:

  • Review of equipment technical specifications, TAES’s refurbishment design drawings and procedure and units 1 & 2 refurbishment results with the objective of identifying the engineering potential improvement actions and priorities and put them in a report for TAES’s management;
  • Assisting Toshiba’s engineering to address the top 4 priorities for the Wells Dam Hydroelectric;
  • Project with the compilation of all the documentation pertaining the priority being addressed, in depth analysis of the information compiled, redaction of a proposed action plan and revision of it with the review of Toshiba and realization of the drawings, procedures and site record sheets necessary to reach the agreed upon goal;
  • Perform limited-scope mandates in support of Wells Dam refurbishment engineering, task details (deliverables, schedule, maximum hours) to be determined for each mandate.


North America
Rapides-des-Quinze Power Plant, Quebec

Engineering Support ? Generator

Rapides-des-Quinze Power Plant, Quebec

Client : Voith-Hydro

Location : Rapides-des-Quinze Power Plant, Quebec

Year : 2015

As part of the Rapides-des-Quinze refurbishing project in Quebec, Voith-Hydro called on LDV's personnel who is highly skilled in hydropower. LDV provided design and on-site support services for the following:

  • Design maintenance and installation tooling (modeling, finite element stress analysis and calculations); 
  • Provide calculations notes for the official report;
  • Coordinate the work performed by the draftspeople to issue the required documents;
  • Address manufacturing non-compliance issues.

To deliver a high quality service and promote close collaboration and communication with the Voith personnel, LDV's engineer travelled daily to the Voith offices in Brossard. 

Installation of Butterfly Valves at the Hydroelectric Power Plant

Romaine-2 Power Plant, Quebec

Client : Alstom-Power Canada

Location : Romaine-2 Power Plant, Quebec

Year : 2013

In 2010, Alstom-Power Canada was awarded a contract to design, manufacture and install two generating units for the Romaine-2 power plant. To validate the feasibility of the assembly sequence and the optimisation which the assembly of certain components represented, Alstom needed technical support to address the challenges posed by the assembly sequence.  

Alstom therefore mandated LDV Consultants to perform the design and engineering required to move and lift the butterfly valves at the Romaine-2 power plant. A structural analysis of the load cases and maximum strain calculations were also carried out. 

During installation, LDV was involved in the installation sequence modification process in order to make up for the one-month delay, due to late deliveries, in the planned schedule.   

Romaine-2 Power Plant, Quebec