All of our engineering projects

All of our engineering projects

Gatineau, Quebec

Bear Swamp rehabilitation

Gatineau, Quebec

Client : Brookfield Renewable

Location : Gatineau, Quebec

Year : 2019

Brookefield Renewable, is a world leader in alternative asset management. They are also one of the world's largest investors in renewable energy. They have assets located around the world which include a diverse technology base.

To monitor the Bear Swamp rehabilitation project, Brookefield Renewable mandated LDV Consultants during the design, manufacturing and implementation site phases to deliver the following engineering services:

  • Review of all technical documents issued by the manufacturers to validate conformance with the contractual requirements but also according to the industry’s best practices
  • Participate in design reviews as a Brookfield technical representative to review the proposed design, to identify potential design pitfalls or limitations
  • Review the technical aspects of the derogations, NCR and extra work occurring during the manufacturing process (and later during the site phase)
  • Review the manufacturing shops ITP to propose witness points
  • Act as the technical and quality representative of Brookfield for witness point during the manufacturing process.


Engineering assessment of Wells Damn Hydroelectric Project

North America

Client : Toshiba America Energy Systems Corporation

Location : North America

Year : 2017

Toshiba America Energy Systems Corporation is a leader in the high-technology industry of engineering and construction that provides customer service for all energy platforms (hydro, nuclear, thermal…) like turbine sales, repairs, etc. Toshiba American Energy Systems mandated LDV Consultants to carry out the initial engineering assessment of Wells Dam Hydroelectric Project:

  • Review of equipment technical specifications, TAES’s refurbishment design drawings and procedure and units 1 & 2 refurbishment results with the objective of identifying the engineering potential improvement actions and priorities and put them in a report for TAES’s management;
  • Assisting Toshiba’s engineering to address the top 4 priorities for the Wells Dam Hydroelectric;
  • Project with the compilation of all the documentation pertaining the priority being addressed, in depth analysis of the information compiled, redaction of a proposed action plan and revision of it with the review of Toshiba and realization of the drawings, procedures and site record sheets necessary to reach the agreed upon goal;
  • Perform limited-scope mandates in support of Wells Dam refurbishment engineering, task details (deliverables, schedule, maximum hours) to be determined for each mandate.


North America

Test Cell Analysis


Client : Confidential

Location : Confidential

Year : 2016

During the development phase of a new turbine, a manufacturer mandated LDV Consultants to confirm that their existing test cell could take on the loads of the new turbine. LDV Consultants hence conducted a finite element analysis on this test cell.

As part of the mandate, LDV Consultants carried out the following:

  • Adjust the 3D geometry to conduct the analysis;
  • Conduct a mechanical analysis on the test cell during in-service turbine loading;
  • Conduct a mechanical analysis of the test cell during accidental turbine loading;
  • Conduct a modal analysis of the test cell – turbine assembly.

Further to the analysis, LDV Consultants was able to propose the minor changes required to adjust the existing test cell to the new engine.

Thermal-Mechanical Analysis of a Converter

Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec

Client : Norda Stelo

Location : Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec

Year : 2016

Norda Stelo is a consulting firm specialized in all engineering disciplines. As part of this project, Norda Stelo wanted to check the integrity of the converter’s structure because it had sustained permanent deformation while in service.

A first thermal-mechanical analysis was conducted to understand the reason why the external part of the roof was buckling. 3D modelling of the insulation helped to reveal the type of buckling and to make recommendations in order to prevent it from happening.

Thereafter, a second thermal-mechanical analysis was conducted to quantify the impact that the lack of insulation may have during equipment refitting.

Some critical zones were identified and these were the zones where it was impossible to replace the insulation already installed. It was however possible to replace much of the insulation in the equipment while maintaining equipment operation.

LDV Consultants made its recommendations regarding the possibility of maintaining the integrity of the client’s equipment and presented its guidelines as to the refurbishing procedure from a thermal-mechanical point of view.

Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec
Meadowbank, Nunavut

Modification of the Hoppers in the Meadowbank Mine

Meadowbank, Nunavut

Client : Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited

Location : Meadowbank, Nunavut

Year : 2016

Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited is a mining company operating gold deposits in Canada, Finland and Mexico. It has four mines in Canada, which represent the bulk of its production, and the Meadowbank mine located in Nunavut is currently Agnico-Eagle’s largest gold producer. Further to the installation of several hoppers, Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited expressed the need to get technical assistance to ensure the safe use of the hoppers regarded as dangerous.

In this context, Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited mandated LDV Consultants to design structures that would protect the workers when multiple hoppers would be in use. LDV Consultants therefore proposed several solutions to make the unsafe hoppers safer and carried out all the structural analyses required for installation of the new structures on the existing ones.

Analysis of Tank Supports

Opinaca, Quebec

Client : Orica Canada Inc.

Location : Opinaca, Quebec

Year : 2016

Orica Canada is the world's largest provider of commercial explosives and innovative blasting systems to meet the needs of the mining, quarrying, oil and gas and construction markets.

Orica Canada contacted LDV Consultants because one of its mobile tanks was sustaining recurrent damages always on the same spot. This tank was at times moved by a special truck designed by Orica Canada and then left on the same spot for several days. Orica Canada mandated LDV Consultants to find the source of the problem and recommend solutions to resolve the problem.

As part of its mandate, LDV Consultants carried out the following:

  • Evaluate the worst load case (being moved or static);
  • Conduct a numerical analysis on the tank;
  • Validate through numerical simulation the resistance of the tank support;
  • Assess several solutions that could solve the problem;
  • Produce the detail drawings needed to manufacture the winning solution.

Owing to its expertise, LDV Consultants was able to identify the actual source of the problem and propose to the client minor changes to be made to the tank without having to incur significant costs.

Opinaca, Quebec
La Baie, Quebec

Design of Platforms for Champlain Bridge

La Baie, Quebec

Client : Charl-Pol

Location : La Baie, Quebec

Year : 2016

Charl-Pol specializes in the manufacture of heavy industrial equipment, mainly for the mining & metals industry, shipbuilding, power plants and aluminum smelters. Charl-Pol wanted to bid on the contract for the manufacturing of the inspection platforms installed in all the pillars and the pylon of the new Champlain Bridge. The company was however not able to provide the engineering needed for this project. LDV Consultants hence joined forces with Charl-Pol to help them get the contract.

As part of the mandate, LDV Consultants carried out the following:

  • Produce the calculations and preliminary design required to submit a bid;
  • Conduct a study on the layout of the access ladders of the thirty-three (33) pillars and the pylon;
  • Conduct a preliminary study on a rescue system in case of emergency;
  • Optimize the design to simplify the installation and manufacturing;
  • Meet with a supplier to validate the anchoring system of the platforms installed in the pillars;
  • Validate the design with CNESST;
  • Produce the calculations and detail drawings needed to manufacture the parts in accordance with standard CSA S16.

Engineering Support ? Generator

Rapides-des-Quinze Power Plant, Quebec

Client : Voith-Hydro

Location : Rapides-des-Quinze Power Plant, Quebec

Year : 2015

As part of the Rapides-des-Quinze refurbishing project in Quebec, Voith-Hydro called on LDV's personnel who is highly skilled in hydropower. LDV provided design and on-site support services for the following:

  • Design maintenance and installation tooling (modeling, finite element stress analysis and calculations); 
  • Provide calculations notes for the official report;
  • Coordinate the work performed by the draftspeople to issue the required documents;
  • Address manufacturing non-compliance issues.

To deliver a high quality service and promote close collaboration and communication with the Voith personnel, LDV's engineer travelled daily to the Voith offices in Brossard. 

Rapides-des-Quinze Power Plant, Quebec
Granby, Quebec

Retro-Design a Yogurt Pouch Filling System

Granby, Quebec

Client : Ultima Foods

Location : Granby, Quebec

Year : 2015

Ultima Foods has been recognized as a major player in the food industry for more than 40 years. The company offers a wide variety of dairy products, and more specifically yogurt, sold across Canada.

Ultima Foods wanted to increase its production capacity. To do so, it needed a new yogurt pouch filling system. Given that the machine available on the market did not fully meet their production criteria, LDV was mandated to perform the engineering needed to ensure that the new machine met production needs. As part of the mandate, LDV carried out, among other things, the following:    

  • Perform dimensional checks on the new machine and on the one already installed in the plant; 
  • Model the new filling system;
  • Calculate the operational clearances;
  • Perform a finite element analysis of a new support for the filling system;
  • Prepare the drawings;
  • Provide support during manufacturing.

LDV's organisational skills and timeliness of performance allowed Ultima Foods to start production as planned.   

Next-Gen EPS Harmonic and Thermal Analysis

Grand-Mère, Quebec

Client : Kongsberg Automotive

Location : Grand-Mère, Quebec

Year : 2015

Kongsberg Automotive, together with its clients from the industrial and transportation sectors, specializes since 1988 in the design, development and manufacturing of integrated quality and high value-added solutions for the field of electronics and electro-mechanics.

During the design phase of an electronic controller, Kongsberg Automotive wanted to make sure that the controller would operate properly. LDV was therefore mandated to perform a finite element analysis to determine displacement with various loads. LDV carried out the following:

  • Perform structural analysis with a thermal load to simulate variations in operating temperatures; 
  • Perform harmonic analysis to simulate potential vibrations on the component during operations;
  • Perform modal analysis to validate some of the material properties with the vibration tests carried out by Kongsberg Automotive.

This project allowed us to determine maximum displacement during the electronic assembly operation. It also made it possible to show that the assumptions made by Kongsberg Automotive as they pertained to the materials, did not reflect reality.  LDV was able to provide Kongsberg Automotive with more accurate values for this material.   

Grand-Mère, Quebec
Mirabel, Quebec

Validation of a lifting tool

Mirabel, Quebec

Client : Bombardier Aerospace

Location : Mirabel, Quebec

Year : 2015

Bombardier Aerospace is a recognized manufacturer in the design and manufacture of business and commercial aircraft.

As part of the project to design a ballast support tool for Bombardier Aerospace, our client wanted to obtain a validation of the load bearing structure of the ballast in order to ensure that the tool meets its design criteria.

The tool must be able to hang weights (ballast) to keep the front of the C-Series aircraft on the ground during finishing assembly operations.

As a result, LDV performed the finite element analyses and manual calculations required to validate the structure, proposed changes and additions to the required locations, and approved the drawings for the tool’s manufacture.

Design Hoppers

Port-Daniel-Gascons, Quebec

Client : CFI Metal

Location : Port-Daniel-Gascons, Quebec

Year : 2015

CFI Metal designs, manufactures and installs industrial equipment. During construction of the McInnis Cement plant, CFI Metal was mandated to manufacture hoppers to store industrial products.

As part of this project, LDV Consultants was mandated to design a hopper and conduct an analysis as well as the following:

  • Design the hopper while taking into consideration the dimension requirements provided by the client;
  • Conduct a summary analysis to help the client prepare its bid;
  • Conduct a detailed analysis of the hopper once the client was awarded the contract;
  • Take into account the hydrostatic pressure as well as the load on the floor during the analysis;
  • Make suggestions as to the bracing required to ensure the integrity of the structure;
  • Produce sealed manufacturing drawings as per the analysis.

LDV Consultants was able to provide support to the client during the design of the hopper while limiting manufacturing costs owing to the results of the numerical analysis.

Port-Daniel-Gascons, Quebec
Watkins, Colorado

Design of a Cap Press

Watkins, Colorado

Client : Orica USA

Location : Watkins, Colorado

Year : 2015

Orica, an Australian company, is the world's largest provider of commercial explosives and innovative blasting systems to the mining and infrastructure markets. Orica is world leading supplier of ground support solutions in mining and tunnelling as well as a leading supplier of sodium cyanide for gold extraction.

Orica mandated LDV Consultants to design a semi-automated press for a laser cap impeller in accordance with the client's specifications.

As part of the mandate, LDV Consultants carried out the following:

  • Design the press;
  • Produce the manufacturing drawings;
  • Produce the installation drawings;
  • Program the PLC.

At the end of the mandate, the following deliverables were provided to the client:

  • Operational design of the semi-automated press;
  • Complete set of engineering drawings;
  • Operations manual;
  • Maintenance manual including a parts list and the product data sheets.

Optimize the Drive System Parts

Magog, Quebec

Client : Camoplast Solideal inc.

Location : Magog, Quebec

Year : 2014

Camoplast Solideal is a world leader specialized in the design, manufacturing and distribution of off-road tires, wheels, rubber tracks and running gear systems for the material handling, construction, agriculture, motorized sports and defense industries.    

Camoplast Solideal implemented a procedure the purpose of which was to optimize the components of the track drive system on the John Deer tractor in order to reduce the number of components in the track drive system and in turn, lower the costs incurred to manufacture and install the drive system. 

It is within this context that Camoplast Solideal mandated LDV to perform computer simulations of the new designs.  

LDV was responsible for evaluating the internal stresses using various loading scenarios and comparing the results with the existing parts. The results were submitted to Camoplast Solideal in a summary report prepared by LDV.

Magog, Quebec
Boucherville, Quebec

Design a Test Bed for an Electrical Motor

Boucherville, Quebec

Client : TM4

Location : Boucherville, Quebec

Year : 2014

TM4 designs electrical motors suitable for the automotive market. To carry out the tests required to certify the motors, TM4 mandated LDV Consultants to design one of its test beds.  

The TM4 motor needed a test bed that would allow the drive shaft to rotate in both directions. What made this test bed unique was the fact that the power transmission had to go through a belt. To facilitate the required movement with the type of transmission selected, LDV had to design and test a double tensioner system.       

The engine torque was monitored during testing. Selecting the drive shaft tolerances between the pulley and the torquemeter was a critical process as this could affect the test results.

Design of an access bridge to a crusher pit

Northland, Sweden

Client : Metso Minerals Canada Inc.

Location : Northland, Sweden

Year : 2014

Metso Minerals Canada is a manufacturer of mining production equipment. Metso carried out a mining project in the north of Sweden for which it required assistance services for the design of auxiliary accessories for their equipment.

One of these accessories is a removable staircase allowing access to the pit of a gyratory crusher for maintenance. This staircase should be able to be removed in two parts, because the overhead crane allowing its installation is limited in height. In addition, it had to adapt to the bottom of the pit, which was not united due to the accumulation of rocks remaining after the stop. The vertical concrete wall could not be used to anchor the structure.

LDV Consultants was responsible for carrying out the following activities:

  • Design according to European standards;
  • Structure calculations;
  • Development plan.
Northland, Sweden
Romaine-2 Power Plant, Quebec

Installation of Butterfly Valves at the Hydroelectric Power Plant

Romaine-2 Power Plant, Quebec

Client : Alstom-Power Canada

Location : Romaine-2 Power Plant, Quebec

Year : 2013

In 2010, Alstom-Power Canada was awarded a contract to design, manufacture and install two generating units for the Romaine-2 power plant. To validate the feasibility of the assembly sequence and the optimisation which the assembly of certain components represented, Alstom needed technical support to address the challenges posed by the assembly sequence.  

Alstom therefore mandated LDV Consultants to perform the design and engineering required to move and lift the butterfly valves at the Romaine-2 power plant. A structural analysis of the load cases and maximum strain calculations were also carried out. 

During installation, LDV was involved in the installation sequence modification process in order to make up for the one-month delay, due to late deliveries, in the planned schedule.   

Preliminary Detail Engineering of a Ventilation System for the Nickel Concentrator

EXPO Mine, Quebec (Nunavik)

Client : Canadian Royalties Inc.

Location : EXPO Mine, Quebec (Nunavik)

Year : 2013

Canadian Royalties is a mining company that operated a nickel and copper mine in Nunavik. 

Several contaminants were airborne in the concentrator due to inadequate ventilation. Canadian Royalties mandated LDV Consultants to provide technical support to its engineering team to fix the problem.  

In phase 1 of the mandate, LDV Consultants carried out the following:

  • Validate the technical solution proposed by a contractor and identify the critical zones; 
  • Prioritize the work and set a preliminary schedule; 
  • Analyze the impact of the changes to the ventilation on the glycol and electrical systems;
  • Produce a preliminary layout.

In phase 2 of the mandate, LDV Consultants carried out the detail engineering, namely:

  • Perform calculations for the fans, glycol pumps, electrical system capacity, piping supports and concrete foundations; 
  • Specify the equipment to be purchased;
  • Design the P&ID for the ventilation and glycol systems;
  • Supply the installation drawings for the fans, pumps and electrical connections;
  • Provide the isometric drawings.
EXPO Mine, Quebec (Nunavik)
Montreal, Quebec

Integrate a Cummins Tier-4i Engine in a Haulage Truck

Montreal, Quebec

Client : Dux Machinery

Location : Montreal, Quebec

Year : 2013

DUX Machinery is a leading manufacturer of underground haulage equipment. Power mechanization of its equipment needs to change in order to meet the requirements of the environmental regulation.

The haulage truck must be adapted so that a new engine and, more importantly, new air intake and exhaust components can be installed.  

LDV was therefore mandated to finalize the selection of the engine options, validate the heat transfer equipment with regard to air intake and engine cooling and adapt the engine compartment to allow installation of a new air filter and exhaust.

Design of a Lid Pressing System

Granby, Quebec

Client : Ultima Foods

Location : Granby, Quebec

Year : 2012

For more than 40 years, Ultima Foods has been recognized as a major player in the manufacturing of yogurt. Its production currently takes place in two plants: one in Granby and another one in Delta, British-Columbia.

In an effort to continually improve its facilities, Ultima Foods regularly makes changes to its production equipment. It is within this context that Ultima Foods mandated LDV to modify the system used to press the lids on the yogurt cups at its Granby facilities.

Designing a pneumatically-actuated version of the equipment, validating its feasibility, performance and adaptability to various lid shapes as well as producing all the drawings needed to manufacture and install the equipment were part of the deliverables. In addition, LDV supervised the equipment installation and commissioning.

Granby, Quebec