Transport engineering projects

Transport engineering projects


Repair a Wrecked Rail Car


Client : CAD Railway Industries

Location : Montreal,Quebec

Year : 2020

As a result of a collision, one of VIA Rail's fleet of LRC cars sustained damage to the structure's posts and outer shell. CAD Railway Industries was mandated to repair the structural damages.

CAD Railway Industries mandated LDV Consultants to provide the engineering for the following:

  •  Assess damages
  • Identify the damages on site
  • Visually inspect the damaged areas
  • Take measurements
  • Take dimensional measurements
  • Adapt the dimensions to the deformed components
  • Draw up a repair plan
  • In accordance with APTA PR-CS-S-020-03
  • Use equivalent or replacement parts
  • Design parts with resistances equivalent to those of the original parts
  • Produce final drawings that reflect all phases of the repair plan

 End Results

The suggested way of rebuilding the posts ensured the mechanical resistances were equal to those of the original parts. The client was able to repair the damages and put the rail car back into service.

Double level car repair TRWX-1008 in Alu


Client : CAD Railways

Location : Montreal

Year : 2019

CAD Railways is a recognized player in the repair of rolling stock for the railway industry.

CAD Railways has been awarded the repair of a double-decker car, manufactured by Bombardier and operated by DART, which is the car TRWX-1008. This car had suffered significant damage on one side, the stretcher and the underbody chassis having been damaged and deformed. The repair had to fully restore the structural integrity of the car. 

CAD Railways mandated LDV Consultants to review repair procedures and drawings, perform the calculations necessary to validate structural integrity, and provide engineering support for the repair.

Saint-Hubert, Quebec

Technical Support for the Design of Test Equipment

Saint-Hubert, Quebec

Client : Héroux-Devtek

Location : Saint-Hubert, Quebec

Year : 2016

Héroux-Devtek is an international company specializing in the design, manufacture and testing of landing gears. The company also conducts laboratory tests to certify existing landing gears. To perform these tests, Héroux-Devtek needed to design a test bench. It mandated LDV Consultants to take part in the design of the test bench.

As part of the mandate, LDV Consultants carried out the following:

  • Design interfaces for load application;
  • Produce a 3D model of the test interfaces;
  • Produce the drawings for the test interfaces.

To acquire the knowledge and work methods advocated by the client, LDV Consultants’ engineer 

Integrate a Cummins Tier-4i Engine in a Haulage Truck


Client : Dux Machinery

Location : Montreal,Quebec

Year : 2013

DUX Machinery is a leading manufacturer of underground haulage equipment. Power mechanization of its equipment needs to change in order to meet the requirements of the environmental regulation.

The haulage truck must be adapted so that a new engine and, more importantly, new air intake and exhaust components can be installed.  

LDV was therefore mandated to finalize the selection of the engine options, validate the heat transfer equipment with regard to air intake and engine cooling and adapt the engine compartment to allow installation of a new air filter and exhaust.     


Los Angeles, California, USA

Repair a Two-Level Aluminum Railcar

Los Angeles, California, USA

Client : Bombardier Transportation

Location : Los Angeles, California, USA

Year : 2012

Bombardier is a world leader in land and air transportation. Its Bombardier Transportation Division offers one of the world's most comprehensive series of rail vehicles.

Further to an accident, extensive damage was done to one side of railcar #125 owned by Metrolink. Bombardier Transportation mandated LDV Consultants to evaluate the damage and propose a potential repair scenario.

As part of the mandate, LDV carried out the following:  

  • Inspect the damaged railcar at the maintenance centre;
  • Develop a repair scenario together with the Methods Department of the Thunder Bay plant.