Manufacturing and industrial engineering projects

Manufacturing and industrial engineering projects


FEA of a Synchronous Electric Motor


Client : Delom Services

Location : Montreal,Quebec

Year : 2020

As part of one of its projects, Delom Services mandated LDV Consultants to perform finite element analyses on a 1300HP industrial synchronous electric motor. The objective was to determine the various stresses applied on the rotor and stator, shaft, core, rim, casing, magnetic circuit, and magnetic circuit clamping components.

 As part of its mandate, LDV Consultants carried out the following:

  •  Simulation
    • Formulate assumptions;
    • Review, integrate and simplify the geometry provided;
    • Reduce non-critical stresses that will not affect the final analysis;
    • Simplify calculations using a symmetrization strategy.
  • Engineering
    • Apply limit states and stresses;
    • Analyze results;
    • Produce the reports.

End Results

Based on the analysis results, Delom Services was able to validate that their motor complied with the static stresses of the rotor, find out the minimum coefficients of friction, and confirm that the selected clamping components were adequate. Nevertheless, a torque recommendation was made to limit shear stresses. In the end, Delom Services was able to redesign the motor to optimize it while meeting requirements.

Feasibility Study for a Cutting and Packaging Workstation

Granby, Quebec

Client : Mat Tech

Location : Granby, Quebec

Year : 2020

Mat Tech is a manufacturer of quality mats for the residential and commercial markets and is renowned to be the Canadian leader in entrance mats, anti-fatigue mats and logo mats.

To optimize the mat cutting and packaging process, Mat Tech mandated LDV Consultants to carry out a feasibility study for a cutting and packaging workstation that would make it possible to find an automated and/or mechanized solution that would reduce and/or facilitate human intervention.

As part of the mandate, LDV carried out the following:

  • Take measurements at the Granby plant;
  • Design a conceptual model for the cutting systems;
  • Design a conceptual model for the handling systems;
  • Conduct a summary assessment of the engineering and procurement/manufacturing costs;
  • Plan the layout of the cutting and lifting workstations to optimize floor space;
  • Produce a detailed report.

End Results

The feasibility study helped the client to assess the technical and financial issues of the various options, to breakdown and schedule the project into phases and to prioritize the work to be done.

Granby, Quebec

Technical Support for the Design of a Snowblower


Client : Confidentiel

Location : Confidentiel

Year : 2018

The Company is one of the largest manufacturers of applications and accessories in North America. In addition to being a leading manufacturer of specialized accessories and applications for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the agricultural, municipal and construction industries for more than 30 years and offering a wide range of winter, summer and specialized accessories as well as customized hitches, the Company has an R&D team that designs and develops customized solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their tractors, utility vehicles, municipal and construction vehicles.

As part of a project to develop a new model of snowblower for sidewalks, LDV Consultants was mandated to carry out the following:

  • Design the snowblower;
  • Produce the parts and assembly drawing;
  • Design the manufacturing templates.

Modifications to the Gasti Machine


Client : Danone Inc.

Location : Boucherville,Quebec

Year : 2017

Danone is a French agrifood company that has focused its business on four sectors of activities: fresh dairy based products, bottled waters, medical nutrition and early life nutrition. The company is one of the world leaders in these four sectors of activities. Its products are sold worldwide.

During maintenance of the machine that seals the yogurt jars, operators had difficulty closing the machine because of the gas cylinder that made it easier to open the machine. Furthermore, because this machine is performing repetitive movements, the air intake ducts and electric wiring wear out prematurely. The client therefore mandated LDV Consultants to examine both problems.

As part of the mandate, LDV Consultants carried out the following:

  • Take measurements on site and produce a 3D model of the existing machine;
  •  Provide a diagnosis on component wear and tear;
  •  Provide a 3D model, drawings and assistance for the purchase of the supports needed to improve the life cycle of the air intake ducts and wiring;
  • Perform the analytical calculations for the power needed to open the gas cylinder;
  • Propose modifications to optimize the machine closing and opening ratio;
  • Produce the machine drawings, including all wear and tear parts.

LDV Consultants' expertise enabled the client to increase the efficiency of its process while rendering it more secure during maintenance work.


Test Cell Analysis


Client : Confidential

Location : Confidential

Year : 2016

During the development phase of a new turbine, a manufacturer mandated LDV Consultants to confirm that their existing test cell could take on the loads of the new turbine. LDV Consultants hence conducted a finite element analysis on this test cell.

As part of the mandate, LDV Consultants carried out the following:

  • Adjust the 3D geometry to conduct the analysis;
  • Conduct a mechanical analysis on the test cell during in-service turbine loading;
  • Conduct a mechanical analysis of the test cell during accidental turbine loading;
  • Conduct a modal analysis of the test cell – turbine assembly.

Further to the analysis, LDV Consultants was able to propose the minor changes required to adjust the existing test cell to the new engine.

Design, Production and Manufacturing of a Lifting Tool


Client : Blue Solutions Canada

Location : Boucherville,Quebec

Year : 2016

Blue Solutions Canada, a subsidiary of the French multinational Groupe Bolloré located in Boucherville, manufactures one of the most efficient rechargeable batteries in the automotive industry.

Further to a prior project with LDV Consultants regarding the design of a lifting tool, Blue Solutions Canada mandated LDV Consultants once again to produce the manufacturing drawings for this tool.

As part of the mandate, LDV Consultants carried out the following:

  • Design the tool;
  • Conduct a numerical analysis to optimise the structure;
  • Produce the layout of two (2) sub-assemblies and one (1) main assembly;
  • Produce the drawings needed to manufacture the parts;
  • Manufacture the parts and coat them with black oxide;
  • Provide support during manufacturing;
  • Inspect the parts prior to delivery;
  • Take part in the certification testing.
Magog, Quebec

Provide Design Support and Drawings

Magog, Quebec

Client : Camso Inc.

Location : Magog, Quebec

Year : 2016

Camso is a global leader specialized in the design, manufacturing and distribution of off-the-road tires, wheels, rubber tracks, running gear systems for the material handling, construction, agricultural, motorized sports and defence industries.

Camso mandated LDV Consultants to provide their support in the design and development of a model running gear system.

As part of the mandate, LDV Consultants carried out the following:

  • Produce a 3D model of the components using Pro/Engineer CREO 2.0;
  •  Produce the drawings for the components using Pro/Engineer CREO 2.0;
  • Travel to the client's facilities to perform a follow-up and gather data;
  • Make changes to the design in accordance with the various development phases:
    • Prototype;
    • Machining;
    • Assembly.

Next-Gen EPS Harmonic and Thermal Analysis

Grand-Mère, Quebec

Client : Kongsberg Automotive

Location : Grand-Mère, Quebec

Year : 2015

Kongsberg Automotive, together with its clients from the industrial and transportation sectors, specializes since 1988 in the design, development and manufacturing of integrated quality and high value-added solutions for the field of electronics and electro-mechanics.

During the design phase of an electronic controller, Kongsberg Automotive wanted to make sure that the controller would operate properly. LDV was therefore mandated to perform a finite element analysis to determine displacement with various loads. LDV carried out the following:

  • Perform structural analysis with a thermal load to simulate variations in operating temperatures; 
  • Perform harmonic analysis to simulate potential vibrations on the component during operations;
  • Perform modal analysis to validate some of the material properties with the vibration tests carried out by Kongsberg Automotive.

This project allowed us to determine maximum displacement during the electronic assembly operation. It also made it possible to show that the assumptions made by Kongsberg Automotive as they pertained to the materials, did not reflect reality.  LDV was able to provide Kongsberg Automotive with more accurate values for this material.   

Grand-Mère, Quebec
Mirabel, Quebec

Validation of a Lifting Tool

Mirabel, Quebec

Client : Bombardier Aerospace

Location : Mirabel, Quebec

Year : 2015

Bombardier Aerospace is a recognized manufacturer in the design and manufacture of business and commercial aircraft.

As part of the project to design a ballast support tool for Bombardier Aerospace, our client wanted to obtain a validation of the load bearing structure of the ballast in order to ensure that the tool meets its design criteria.

The tool must be able to hang weights (ballast) to keep the front of the C-Series aircraft on the ground during finishing assembly operations.

As a result, LDV performed the finite element analyses and manual calculations required to validate the structure, proposed changes and additions to the required locations, and approved the drawings for the tool’s manufacture.

Modification of an Out-Feed Guide to Align Containers of Different Shapes and Sizes

Granby, Quebec

Client : Ultima Foods

Location : Granby, Quebec

Year : 2013

For more than 40 years, Ultima Foods has been recognized as a major player in the manufacturing of yogurt. Its production currently takes place in two plants: one in Granby and another one in Delta, British-Columbia.

In an effort to continually improve its facilities, Ultima Foods regularly makes changes to its production equipment. It is within this context that Ultima Foods mandated LDV to replace the system used to align yogurt containers fed in continuously on a moving conveyor belt. The introduction of new container shapes and sizes justified the need to change the equipment to make it self-adjustable in three positions.   

LDV, in consultation with Ultima Foods, was in charge of designing a pneumatically-actuated version of the equipment, validating its feasibility, performance and adaptability to different container shapes and sizes as well as producing all the drawings needed to manufacture and install the equipment. In addition, LDV supervised the equipment installation and commissioning.

Granby, Quebec
Magog, Quebec

Design a Cutting Bench for Rubber Mouldings

Magog, Quebec

Client : Conceptromec Export

Location : Magog, Quebec

Year : 2013

Conceptromec is in the business of designing and manufacturing customized equipment for a demanding clientele who manufactures various plastic and rubber extrusions. Victim of their own success for some time now, their internal resources were no longer sufficient to meet the growing demand of their clientele.

Therefore, LDV Consultants was mandated by Conceptromec to develop several projects, including designing a semi-automatic workstation to cut rubber mouldings for the automotive sector.  

LDV was in charge, together with Conceptromec, of developing the equipment, validating its feasibility and performance, and producing all the drawings needed to manufacture and install the equipment.